2011-2012 Brenau University Catalog 
    Apr 21, 2024  
2011-2012 Brenau University Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Occupational Therapy - Professional Entry (M.S.)

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Purpose  The Professional Entry Program is designed for students who have a prior bachelor’s degree in another field and who wish to become occupational therapists. The program is designed to meet the ACOTE standards for entry level education, as well as to provide an advanced graduate degree in occupational therapy. The program is offered in two formats, the Day Program and the Evening Weekend program. Students in the Day Program typically start in the fall and continue for 8 semesters with one summer off. Students accepted to the evening / weekend program begin spring semester and continue for 10 semesters. The required undergraduate coursework focuses on the development of entry-level clinical skills, with extensive Level I fieldwork experiences in medical, educational and community-based practices. The graduate portion of the program addresses the development of applied clinical research skills, advanced theory in practice and administration and the acquisition of selected post-entry level practice skills. Two full-time Level II Fieldwork Experiences are required. Students who wish to attend school part time may choose an extended program

Admission  A student who wishes to be considered for admission to the occupational therapy program should complete a Brenau Application. Students who meet GPA requirements will be invited to complete additional program application requirements, which include an interview, on-site writing sample and references. In order to facilitate appropriate advisement students are encouraged to apply for University admission early and no later than one full semester prior to the year in which the student wishes to start the program. Inquiries regarding the transfer process may be directed the Admissions Department. Admission decisions are made on a rolling basis. Applications are evaluated based on the admission requirements and continue until the class is filled. An alternate list of qualified students is maintained until confirmation is obtained on all vacant positions in the class.

Admission Requirements  Students will complete an admission application to the University and an application to the Occupational Therapy program. This includes an on-site interview, thee letters of reference, (including one from an occupational therapist) and an on-site writing sample. Applicants should have a cumulative GPA of 3.0. The application form is available from the Admissions Office. There is no graduate entrance examination (GRE/MAT) requirement

  1. Successful completion (no grade below C) of all prerequisite courses by the end of the semester before starting the program. Combined GPA of 3.0 in these prerequisites:
  2. Overall GPA of 3.0 in college course work.
  • Individuals who have had discontinuous college experiences and who do not meet this criterion may be considered if the most recent 24 semester credit hours meets the requirement. These individuals must meet all other criteria.
  1. Basic understanding of the profession.
  • Evidence of sustained volunteer, work or life experience with individuals who have disabilities.
  • Evidence of volunteer or observations of occupational therapy.
  1. Evidence of strong interpersonal skills and potential to work in a therapeutic relationship.
  • Three letters recommendation, (one must be from an occupational therapist) who are knowledgeable of the applicants work and potential for occupational therapy.
  • Interview
  1. Evidence of strong written and verbal communication skills.
  • Writing sample on admission form and on site.
  • Interview.

Educational Outcomes 

1) Completion of the graduate phase of the combined program will prepare the student to demonstrate: Demonstrate a critical understanding of occupational therapy and occupational science theories and their utility for guiding practice and research.

2) Demonstrate knowledge and skills in:

  • Program design and development,
  • Community and population-based care and
  • Selected specialty practices.

3) Conduct and use research to inform practice:

  • Understand and use a range of research designs and methods
  • Access and critically evaluate evidence to inform practice decisions and program planning.
  • Collaborate in designing and conducting research relevant to practice
  • Communicate research findings in order to contribute to client and professional knowledge.

4) Participate in life-long professional development through:

  • Critical reflection on practice,
  • Identification and implementation of professional development plans

5) Analyze socio-cultural factors affecting practice, including organizational, legal and political issues.

6) Advocate for societal acceptance of individuals with occupational performance problems in order to support access to and participation in desired activities.

Special Requirements  Due to the clinical nature of the program, there are specific requirements and fees. These are fully described in the undergraduate section of the Catalog in the occupational therapy section. The same requirements remain in place for entire course of the program.

Course Sequence and Requirements  The professional entry programs are scheduled as cohort programs and courses are generally offered only once a year.

Note: Must earn a grade of “C” or better in all program prerequisite requirements and undergraduate major classes.  All these courses are prerequisites to the program. Women’s College students may defer MS 205 and PY 309 until after completion of the first two semesters with adviser approval. A minimum grade of B is required for all graduate classes.

Graduate Electives

A total of six hours of graduate OT electives are required. Choose a minimum of three hours of graduate OT electives from the list below. Students may choose to take a three hour graduate elective course outside of OT that is approved by their adviser.


Total Graduate Semester Hours Required for Degree: 33

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