2015-2016 Brenau University Catalog 
    Jun 13, 2024  
2015-2016 Brenau University Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Undergraduate Financial Information-Tuition and Fees

Brenau is an independent, private, nonprofit institution and, as such, does not receive tax support. Its sources of income are principally from student fees, gifts and endowment.

It is Brenau’s policy to keep its charges at the very lowest point possible without affecting the quality of instruction, service and accommodations offered. Realizing the desirability of stabilized educational expenses, Brenau makes every effort to avoid increases. However, Brenau does reserve the right to change tuition and other charges at the end of any semester if conditions should make this necessary.

Tuition and Fees

Since Brenau must contract for its faculty and support services on an annual basis, registration is considered a binding contract between the student and the institution for the academic year or the specific semester of enrollment. Consequently, the student accepts as binding and contractual all tuition costs, fees and regulations set forth in this Catalog.

Women’s College Tuition and Fees

Resident Student comprehensive fee (per year) $37,876
Resident Health Science Student comprehensive fee (per year) 40,216
Women’s College room & board (per year) 11,998
(included in resident student comprehensive fee)  
 flex-bucks (billed fall and spring to commuter students only 35.00

This includes tuition (18 hours per semester), double room dormitory accommodations, board, student activities, infirmary and other services during fall and spring semesters.

Terms of Payment:

The payment schedule is as follows:

Resident Students:  
     Aug. 1, 2015  $18,938
     Jan. 1, 2016 18,938
Resident Health Students:  
     Aug. 1, 2015 20,108
     Jan. 1, 2016 20,108

This Catalog statement is considered sufficient notice of the time of payment. Statements are sent periodically during each semester as reminders of payment.

Late payments will be assessed a charge of $200.

Monthly Payment Plan. Brenau recognizes the need for many parents of residential students to budget and pay for college expenses with a monthly payment plan. We participate in a program offered by Sallie Mae Tuition Pay. This service offers a low cost, flexible system for paying educational expenses out of current income through regularly scheduled payments over a period of 10 months. Instead of the usual large payments due at the beginning of each term, education expenses can be budgeted in convenient monthly payments for a fee of $60 per school year. Anyone interested in this program should contact Tuition Pay, 50 Vision Boulevard, P.O. Box 14608, East Providence, RI 02914-0608 (1-800-635-0120).

All single female Women’s College students age 21 or under are required to live on campus in residence halls. Students, 21 years of age (as of the opening day of school) having a 3.0 cumulative GPA may live in Brenau student apartments. The only exceptions to this policy apply to students who live within commuting distance and who are residing with their parents. This policy applies for the full year, including summer sessions. In the event that a student reaches the age of 21 years or more as of the opening day of school, the student will be allowed to live off campus during that year. In the event that the student does not reach 21 years of age on the opening day of school, she will be considered to be a resident student for the entire year. The Student Services Office must be notified prior to any change in status.

Commuting Students of the Women’s College will be charged tuition at the rate of $849 per credit hour up through 11 hours, a flat tuition rate of $12,739 for 12 to 18 hours and for over 18 hours a flat rate of $12,739 plus $849 per each additional hour. This charge is due and payable on the first day of the semester. For commuting students and parents desiring to pay over a period of months, there are two payment plans available. Women’s College students taking 12 or more hours may use the infirmary service at no extra charge.

Commuting Health-Field Students  of the Women’s College enrolled in the day program for health related majors (example: Nursing, Occupational Therapy, Pre-Physician’s Assistant) will be charged tuition a the rate of $930 up through 11 hours, a flat rate of $13,909 for 12 - 18 hours and a flat rate of 13,909 plus $930 per each additional hour over 18. This charge is due and payable on the first day of the semester. For commuting students and payments who desire to pay over a period of months, there are two payments plans available. Women’s College students taking 12 hours or more hours may use the infirmary service at no extra charge.

Tuition Deposit. To confirm acceptance and ensure enrollment, a $350 non-refundable deposit is required of all Women’s College students. This also includes some University program students transferring to day programs. For fall semester enrollment, the advanced payment, which will be applied to tuition charges, is due by May 1. For January entrance, the prepayment is due by December 1. Residential students who have decided to attend Brenau may wish to submit the prepayment upon receipt of the acceptance letter. On-campus housing is assigned in the order that tuition deposits are received and priority is given to the student with the earliest deposit date in the room selection process.

International Student Fees Residential fees for international students for the academic year will be similar to those for all other residential students.

Within 30 days of the date of acceptance and prior to the issuance of appropriate forms by the university, international students must submit to the Brenau Admissions Office a cashier’s check in the amount of $350.00 to ensure placement in the class and/or the residence halls. The comprehensive fees and terms of payment for residential students are listed under Women’s College Tuition and Fees.

Students should make every effort to pay these fees by the due date. Students will not be allowed to register until fees are paid.

International students are advised that they must bear the additional cost of any special tutoring that may be required due to insufficient English language skills. Such tutoring costs are not included in the Comprehensive Fee.

Undergraduate School Tuition and Fees

Payment Options
Tuition is due and payable as of the first day of each semester during the academic year. Tuition may be paid at scheduled registrations or by the first day of each semester. However, a student may also enter into either of two payment options to defer part of the tuition payments to later dates in each semester. Payment contracts must be signed no later than the first day of the semester. A fee of $50 will be imposed on each delinquent payment received.

  • One Payment Option. The student pays in full at registration or pays in full by the first day of each semester.
  • Three Payment Option. The student signs an Installment Payment Contract to pay one-third of the semester’s tuition and the $35 Deferred Payment Fee on the first day of the semester. The other two-thirds of the tuition will be paid in equal payments thirty (30) days and sixty (60) days from the first day of the semester. This option is available all semesters.
  • Four Payment Option. The student signs an Installment Payment Contract to pay one-fourth of the semester’s tuition and the $50 Deferred Payment Fee on the first day of the semester. The remaining three-fourths of the tuition will be paid in equal payments thirty (30) days, sixty (60) days and ninety (90) days from the first day of the semester. This option is available fall and spring semesters.
Undergraduate School  
MOST LOCATIONS (per semester hour)
   On ground Undergraduate $549
   On ground Undergraduate Nursing 644
   Online Undergraduate 594
AGS - Adult and Graduate Studies:  
Associate 446
Bachelor 549
(Please see the graduate section for graduate program rates.)  


Special Fees - Undergraduate  
Application fee - Undergraduate (non refundable) 35
Applied Music Fee (per semester hour, in addition to tuition) 100
Auditing fee (per course) 250
Challenge exam credit per credit hour 150
Challenge exam test fee (to be deducted from tuition if credit is awarded) 150
Damage deposit - (WC Residential–1st year only) 100
Deferred payment fee (Brenau University three payment option) 35
Deferred Payment Fee (Brenau University four payment option) 50
Experiential credit per credit hour 200
Flex-Bucks (billed to Women’s College commuter students fall and spring semesters 35
Foreign transcript evaluation fee cost assessed to student 100
Graduation application fee 100
Graduation application fee (A.A.) 75
Graduation application fee-Dual Degree (ex. B.S./M.S.) 125
Graduation reapplication fee 25
Laboratory fee - see course description  
Late drop fee 25
Late graduation application fee (in addition to graduation fee) 75
Late payment fee 200
Late registration fee 75
Learning disabilities program variable fees charged  
Returned check fee 40
Safety and Security fee (per semester)-this incudes parking permissions 25
Technology fee (per semester) 175
Transcript fee (per transcript) 5
Women’s College residential overload fee per credit hour
(19 hrs or more)
Women’s College health-field residential overload fee per credit hour
(19 hrs or more)


Brenau discourages students from withdrawing within the academic year. Should this become necessary due to medical or other verified reason, adjustment may be made to the student account. Students who wish to drop courses or withdraw must first see their advisors to fill out the required Drop/add Form. If they desire a refund of any credit balance that might result from dropping or withdrawing, students must request in writing a refund of any credit balance from the controller or student accounts manager of the university. No other institutional officials may authorize refunds.

Advisors/coordinators/directors have no authority to make commitments concerning refunds or to grant refunds. Refunds will generally be processed within thirty (30) days after all necessary documentation (Drop Form, written request for refund) has been submitted.

Refund of Tuition

Brenau’s institutional tuition refund policy is as follows:

100% of tuition if student drops by the last day of the drop period.
50% of tuition if the student drops after the last day of drop/add but before the end of the first 25% of the enrollment period.
25% of tuition if the student drops between 25% and 50% of the enrollment period.
No refund if the student drops after the first 50% of the enrollment period.

DoD TA paid courses only:

10% of tuition if the student drops between 50% and 60% of the enrollment period.
No refund if the student drops after the first 60% of the enrollment period.

Refund of Room and Board. Students will receive 100% credit for room and board charges only when they have withdrawn prior to the first day of the semester. After the first day of the semester, room and board charges will be refunded based on the number of weeks remaining in the semester after the week of withdrawal. Refunds of room and board for federal financial aid recipients will be calculated along with tuition charges according to the return of Title IV funds policy as stated below.

Return of Deposited Funds to Students

It is the responsibility of any student who graduates or otherwise is no longer enrolled at Brenau to verify with the Accounting Office if there are funds deposited with Brenau which belong to the student. It is also the student’s responsibility to keep Brenau informed as to the student’s current mailing address in order that Brenau can refund any funds to the student for which the student is entitled. Alternatively, a student may choose to donate to Brenau any funds for which the student is entitled or leave on deposit such funds with Brenau for the future purchase of items or services. A student must notify Brenau if the student wishes to donate such funds when the student is no longer enrolled. Brenau will assume that a student elects to receive a refund if notification is not received from the student. Refunds are mailed to the address on file unless otherwise requested in writing by the student.

Return of Title IV Funds  Students who receive federal Title IV assistance and completely withdraw from all coursework in any semester will be subject to the Return of Title IV funds policy mandated by the U.S. Department of Education. Federal Title IV assistance includes Pell Grant, Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (SEOG), Academic Competitiveness Grant, National Smart Grant, Federal Work-Study, Perkins Loan, Stafford Loan and PLUS Loan. This policy assumes that a student earns his or her assistance based on the period of time he or she remains enrolled. During the first 60% of the semester, a student earns Title IV funds in direct proportion to the length of time he or she remains enrolled. A student who remains enrolled beyond the 60% point earns all for the semester. The percentage of the semester that the student remained enrolled is derived by dividing the number of days the student attended by the number of calendar days in the semester, excluding breaks of at least 5 calendar days. 

Any unearned Title IV funds, other than Federal Work-Study earnings, must be returned. Unearned is the amount of disbursed Title IV that exceeds the amount of Title IV earned by the student. Unearned funds must be returned to the following sources in this order: Unsubsidized Stafford Loan, Subsidized Stafford Loan, Perkins Loan, PLUS Loan, Pell Grant, Academic Competitiveness Grant, National Smart Grant and SEOG.

Example of Return of Title IV Funds. Karen is enrolled in the spring semester at Brenau University and is receiving Title IV . The spring semester is 117 calendar days in length, with a spring break of 7 days, making the length of the semester for Title IV purposes 110 calendar days. Karen finds she must withdraw from all classes in the 22nd day of the semester. The percentage of the semester that Karen remained enrolled is derived by dividing 22 days by 110 days, resulting in 20%. Karen has earned 20% of her Title IV; therefore, 80% of her Title IV assistance must be returned to the source(s) of funding according to the procedures prescribed by the U.S. Department of Education.

The detailed rules for the calculation of the return of Title IV funds are available on request from the Office of Financial Aid or the Office of Business and Finance.

Delinquent Accounts

Brenau University students whose accounts are not paid by the appropriate due date will be charged a $200 late fee. This fee will be billed to the student’s account and must be paid along with any other unpaid fees.

Students whose accounts are delinquent forfeit their right to attend classes, take final examinations or otherwise participate in the academic program until satisfactory arrangements have been made with the Accounting Office to meet financial obligations. Diplomas, certificates and transcripts are issued only when the students’ accounts have been paid in full. Students whose accounts are delinquent as of the payment due dates for each semester will not be permitted to register for the following semester, nor will they receive final grades for the semester in which they are currently enrolled. In addition, transcripts (official and non official) and transient letters are not issued to students with obligations to Brenau.

Responsibility for Property

Damage. Students are responsible for any damage to Brenau’s property at any location where classes are offered, beyond normal wear and tear. For such damage, a minimum charge of $50 or the cost of repair, whichever is greater, will be assessed.

Student’s Personal Property. Although Brenau endeavors to protect the property of its students in the same manner as its own, the institution will not be responsible for the loss, theft, or damage of any personal property of its students at any location where classes are offered.

Special Expenses
Books and Supplies. Books and other academic supplies may be purchased at the Barnes & Noble Bookstore located on the Gainesville Campus. The cost of books and supplies for any academic year will vary with the courses selected. Students taking courses, online or on ground, can to online to brenau.bncollege.com to order books to be shipped. Besides pickup, this is the preferred method of ordering. The bookstore can also be contacted by telephone at (770) 534-6208.

On-ground to Online Course Replacement Policy

A student may take an online course for the cost of an on ground course provided they meet the following criteria:

  • The student registered for an on ground course that was cancelled.
  • The student replaces the on ground course with the same course online.
  • The student must be considered a “senior” or graduate student with the anticipation of graduating in the current academic year (the following academic year for summer courses).

The request for a rate adjustment should go to the Student Accounts Manager or the Controller in the Accounting Office.