2015-2016 Brenau University Catalog 
    Jul 20, 2024  
2015-2016 Brenau University Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

How to conduct a catalog search

A search is conducted on one (or a combination) of the following data types.

  1. Courses - courses and course descriptions. Searching on courses will search course titles as well as the course descriptions and prerequisites.
  2. Programs - graduation requirements for majors and minors. The search will find matches in the courses or narrative associated with a major or a minor.
  3. Hierarchy - College/school/department information. Examples of items included are: mission statements, majors offered, specific admission requirements (if any).
  4. Other Content - Information that is not included in the 3 areas outlined above. Examples: Financial aid, tuition and fees, admissions, records and grades, graduation, faculty staff listings, calendars, general policies, etc.

Advanced Search: The search utility is available on the “dashboard” (front page) of the catalog. The dashboard is also referred to as the “gateway.” Below the “Catalog Search” box is a link for the “advanced search” utility. Use this option because it allows the user to search for strings of data. If two words are input in the “front page” search box, it will search for either word. However, if two words are input in the advanced search section, it will search for the words as a string if the “Find whole word or phrase only” box is checked.

After clicking “advanced search” notice the courses search location is checked by default.

  • type the search string - note: the search is NOT case sensitive
  • check the “Find whole word or phrase only” box (if applicable)
  • uncheck the courses box (if you do not wish to include courses on your search)
  • click any other locations to search

If you don’t find what you need, think of some alternative data strings to search with. Perhaps a term you use is not how it is presented in the catalog so come prepared with some options.

There is a page at the top of the gateway called “frequently requested bookmarks.” If there is a topic that you feel would be helpful to most of the Brenau community, please contact the Registrar’s Office. We may add it to the bookmark page. If you have a topic that may only be helpful to you, we suggest that you use the “my portfolio” utility.

My Portfolio: If there is a location in the catalog you wish to save, you can do so in your “portfolio” account. Create an account in the catalog with an email account and password. The Portfolio carries over from one catalog to the next and the records contained will note which catalog that particular portfolio entry came from.

Examples of things to save would be page locations, courses and searches. More than one search can have the same name. (One will not overwrite the other.)