2024-2025 Brenau University Catalog 
    Jul 25, 2024  
2024-2025 Brenau University Catalog


Dr. Barbara Steinhaus, Chair

Disciplines and Degrees Offered  Please see a detailed list at the end of this section of majors and courses offered by the Department of Music. Not all majors are offered at all Brenau locations.

Audition and Placement All students who wish to major in music must audition before acceptance into the music major program. Auditions are held at designated periods throughout the year as well as by appointment. Most performing ensembles also require auditions; these auditions may coincide with the entrance audition or may be held at a separate time. Students will be placed in applied lessons and music courses of the appropriate level based on their entrance audition and diagnostic evaluation. Students who do not meet the skill requirements to begin degree credit courses will register for the appropriate prerequisite courses. Upon completion of each course, students who demonstrate the skill necessary for advancement will be permitted to enroll at the next level of study. If not, they will be expected to continue in designated courses at their level of technique until they are qualified to advance. Music and music education majors must pass a Sophomore Proficiency demonstrating technical competency in their major instrument before being permitted to enroll in upper division courses.

The Mission of the Department of Music “In the Department of Music, we provide students the ability to learn, perform and teach extraordinary music - and her related disciplines - at the bachelor’s level, post-graduate level and, ultimately, the master’s level. Our graduates advance in their professions by focusing on scholarship in all the liberal arts, technical and artistic proficiency in their particular fields, the latest pedagogical techniques, high-quality artistic expression, and critical and thorough self-reflection. We also strive to integrate the life of the Department of Music into the Brenau community and into the larger civic milieu by means of performing, teaching, service leadership, and global citizenship.”

The Department of Music Fulfills Its Mission By Providing:

  1. Curriculum that includes liberal arts and professional preparation.
  2. Innovative undergraduate (and graduate) programs and/or courses.
  3. Support for innovative use of technology and proven pedagogical models in all courses.
  4. Support for interdisciplinary study and experiences.
  5. Support and encouragement for the study of modern languages and international and U. S. travel experiences.
  6. A comprehensive and challenging curriculum that develops a historical and a global perspective.
  7. A comprehensive and challenging curriculum that develops reasoning and critical thinking skills.
  8. A comprehensive and challenging curriculum that develops an appreciation for artistic expression and expansion of imaginative powers, while also deepening reflection and self-awareness.
  9. A comprehensive and challenging curriculum that develops strong written and oral communication skills, as well as proficiency in secondary languages.
  10. Accelerated and continual learning and discovery that leads to graduate education.
  11. Support and encouragement for musical excellence within the community.



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