2024-2025 Brenau University Catalog 
    Jul 19, 2024  
2024-2025 Brenau University Catalog

Honors Program

The Brenau Honors Program offers students tangible benefits and defined outcomes. In addition to classes emphasizing critical thinking skills and interdisciplinary learning opportunities, students have the opportunity for individual attention from professors and mentors, travel experiences, and professional development. Students in the Brenau Honors Program will experience enhanced opportunities for study, critical thinking, scholarship, mentoring, and professional development. Students will also develop lasting connections to a like-minded peer group.

Program Description  The Brenau Honors Program consists of two levels: a foundational Honors Program experience with seminars in the core Liberal Education curriculum and the advanced level Challenge Curriculum. Students who wish to complete the Honors Program should take at least 4 Honors seminars (designated HN) and complete at least two items on the Challenge Curriculum.

Program Admittance  The top percentage of first-year students, determined by high school GPA are invited into the program prior to the beginning of their freshman year. Other interested students, including transfer students, may join the program through an interview with the Director. Additionally, non-honors students may take honors classes based on sufficient interest and strong academic performance.

Other Advantages and Opportunities  Honors Program courses are designated on the transcript. Students who complete both levels of Honors Program requirements will receive a certificate of completion at the Honors Convocation and a designation of Honors Program completion on their transcripts.

Students may augment a non-honors course at Brenau University by taking HN 260W, a 1-hour Honors Augmentation course that allows students to pursue one of three tracks: scholarship, professional development, or a service project. HN 260W may be repeated up to two times with a different emphasis.

Foundational Honors Experience in the Core Curriculum

Honors Program students complete four or more seminars in partial fulfillment of the liberal education core curriculum.

These courses should be taken in First and Sophomore years in partial fulfillment of Liberal Education requirements.

Challenge Curriculum

Students complete two or more of the following in their junior and senior years:

  1. Serve as a Tiger Tutor mentoring students in FYE
  2. Students present their research at a symposium or conference (Brenau’s Research Symposium counts if presentation is not required for another course.)
  3. Students complete a study abroad program and take HN 250 Honors Research and Travel *  
  4. Students complete a double major
  5. Students complete a minor
  6. Students earn a Pre-PT concentration within their major
  7. Students complete the Women’s Leadership Certificate
  8. Students complete HN 499 Senior Honors Capstone