2023-2024 Brenau University Catalog 
    Jun 23, 2024  
2023-2024 Brenau University Catalog

The Women’s College

Dr. Debra Dobkins, Dean

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Records Information  


General Information

The Women’s College offers women opportunities to develop leadership skills in an environment that encourages awareness of and participation in a world characterized by pluralism. The student life program of the Women’s College is designed to enhance and enrich student life at Brenau. The Women’s College is a residential institution which also provides for enrollment of non-residential female students who desire to take advantage of the educational programs offered in this division. All information included in this section of the Catalog pertains to students enrolled in the Women’s College.

Women’s College Mission  The Brenau University Women’s College challenges women to live extraordinary lives of personal and professional fulfillment by offering excellent academic programs, transformative leadership and service opportunities, and learning experiences that promote global awareness and support for women.

Women’s College Handbook  More detailed information regarding Women’s College policies and procedures can be found in the Student Handbook. All Women’s College students are required to obtain a copy of the Student Handbook.

Faculty Responsibilities and Student Attendance Policy  
  1. Faculty may prescribe reasonable requirements relevant to the course of instruction. At the beginning of each semester, they shall inform students in writing of any special requirements. Each syllabus shall state the attendance policy and any academic consequences of excessive absences as well as any special attendance requirements. Faculty should keep a record of class attendance for their enrolled students. Faculty should use the CampusWEB to confirm enrollment.
  2. When a student in a day program class has been absent from 25 percent of the classes in any semester, the instructor shall report the absences in writing to the Director of Student Success Initiatives and may recommend appropriate action. If the student is a recipient of VA educational benefits, the instructor must also report these absences to the director of veteran’s services by the next workday after the second absence for a class that meets once a week.
  3. Faculty are responsible for counseling with students regarding the academic consequences of absences from class or laboratory sessions.
  4. Faculty are responsible for arranging make-up work when an absence is excused. The student must initiate the request for make-up work.
Honor System

The Women’s College has established an honor system as the fundamental principle of its self governing philosophy. The system is administered by the Student Honor Court in cooperation with the university administration.

Every Women’s College student assumes personal responsibility for herself and her fellow students for the maintenance of the rules and ideals of this system. The university is proud of the system’s long and successful history. Each new student should become familiar with this tradition of Brenau.

The Brenau Honor Code:  I promise to uphold the Brenau University honor code and expectations of civility in the student handbook by refraining from every form of dishonesty, cheating, and impropriety in university life. I will strive to create a spirit of honesty and honor. Failure to do so is considered a breach of trust toward the faculty, staff, and student body. I accept this commitment as a personal responsibility to refrain from and to report all forms of dishonesty, cheating, and misconduct.

Student Government

All full-time Women’s College students are members of the Student Government Association (SGA). SGA is composed of two branches: the Executive Committee and the Senate. All executive power is vested in the Executive Committee which consists of the President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, Elections Chair, Campus Relations Officer and Student Activities Board Director. Furthermore, all legislative power is vested in the governing body of the Senate. All students are encouraged to become involved in SGA and be the change that they want to see in their campus community.


Brenau University is a member of the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics. Brenau sponsors intercollegiate teams in the sports of Basketball, Cheerleading, Dance, Golf, Indoor Track and Field, JV Basketball, JV Softball, Lacrosse, Softball, Soccer, Spirit Cheer, Swimming and Diving, Track and Field, Tennis, Volleyball, and Cross Country.

Student-athletes must enroll as a full-time (12 hours) Women’s College student in order to be eligible to compete in their respective sports. Per policy within The Women’s College, students are allowed to take up to two online classes each semester without approval from the dean of The Women’s College. Allowances or exceptions to this policy is contingent on approval from the registrar, dean of The Women’s College, director of financial aid and the athletic director.

Academic advisors for Women’s College Students

All freshmen are assigned a faculty advisor according to their major, if declared. First-year students who have not declared a major are assigned to an advisor of undeclared students. They remain with that advisor until a major is chosen.

Transfer students entering Brenau with more than 24 semester credit hours are assigned to a faculty advisor in their major. Students who have not selected a major are assigned to an advisor specifically designated for undeclared majors; when they declare a major, they are assigned an advisor in their chosen major.

Each student will confer with her advisor to obtain approval for her proposed course of study or to make needed adjustments in her program. However, it should be noted that while all possible assistance is given by the faculty advisor, it nevertheless remains the duty of each student to accept full responsibility for the satisfactory completion of the selected course of study. In an effort to help the student exercise and fulfill this responsibility, approval by the faculty advisor of the first semester’s registration schedule is mandatory prior to completion of the registration process.

Students must declare a major by the 2nd semester of the sophomore year.

First-Year Experience

 AS 100W First Year Experience  is required of all Women’s College first-year, full-time students seeking an undergraduate degree. Students who have earned more than 24 transfer credit hours from an accredited college or university are exempt from this requirement. Dual enrollment and other alternate credit does not exempt students from this requirement.

Honors Program

The Honors Program accepts highly motivated and well-qualified students into the program at the beginning of the freshman year or by application to the Director of Honors at a later time. The Honors Program continues through the four years of undergraduate study. For specific information about the Honors Program see the Honors and Leadership Programs  section.

Writing Center

Brenau University’s Writing Center is a peer tutoring organization that supports students of every ability level in the development of writing and speaking skills through individual conferences, computer-based tutorials, and group workshops. For further information, contact the Director of the Writing Center.