2023-2024 Brenau University Catalog 
    Jul 20, 2024  
2023-2024 Brenau University Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Academic Assessment

Brenau University is committed to excellence and integrity in its academic programs and consequently has developed plans for assessing Liberal Education learning outcomes as well as the expected learning outcomes of each degree program.

Specific assessment plans and annual reports for each major are maintained in the University’s assessment management system, Compliance Assist. The academic majors determine and administer their own evaluations of their major field learning outcomes through capstone experiences, major field achievement tests, juried performances or other evaluation methods; data collection is consistent across all delivery methods. The Office of Assessment coordinates the periodic administration of university-wide testing as well as occasional surveys or focus group discussions. The Office of Institutional Research administers the National Survey of Student Engagement as well as alumni surveys. Results of these assessment and research activities are distributed to the academic administration and the faculty to provide them additional data in support of program planning and instructional, curricular and support service improvement.

Assessment of the Liberal Education Program   outcomes is coordinated by the Office of Assessment in conjunction with the faculty Liberal Education Committee. Assessment methods have been identified to be used in all courses in the LE curriculum to ensure assessment of the relevant LE learning outcome, guiding collection of evidence of student performance and outcome achievement. A three-year cycle of LE Outcome review provides data on 4-5 LE outcomes per year to be reviewed by the Assessment Subcommittee of the faculty LE committee and summarized with recommendations for the full committee.

Students’ Role and Responsibilities in Academic Assessment

In support of continual program improvement and enhanced student learning, Brenau reserves the right to require all students enrolled in academic programs to complete standardized tests or other assessment instruments administered by the institution. Students will be given appropriate notice of dates and locations for such testing. In the case of overall institutional testing and in certain majors, completion of these tests may constitute a graduation requirement.

Assessment Day is held Spring Semester and designated annually on the university master calendar. It provides an opportunity for the university to collect student feedback and outcomes data and for students to participate in institutional and major field assessment activities outside of the classroom setting. Attendance is required of all full-time enrolled undergraduate Women’s College and Gainesville Day students, residential or commuting, though all undergraduate students are encouraged to participate as applicable. Students are reminded to make necessary arrangements with employers and child care providers well in advance as they would for any required class.

Academic departments also create plans for collecting similar data and feedback from students in their online majors and at off-campus sites via course- embedded activities to ensure comparability of learning outcomes across the university.

Senior Testing

Comprehensive Examinations for Seniors. All seniors are required to take any comprehensive or core competency examinations which may be administered each year by Brenau or its various departments. This may include, but is not limited to, area achievement tests or the Graduate Record Examination.